Catarogu Jigyo Sogo Kenkyusho Inc. acknowledges that protecting the personal information we handle in the course of doing business is an important responsibility and will ensure that all of our employees will be thoroughly educated in this policy and execute it properly.

Shigeru Mitsuoka, President
Catarogu Jigyo Sogo Kenkyusho Inc.

1. Purpose of the Personal Information Protection Policy

Our company developed the “Personal Information Protection Management System” to protect the personal information we obtain while doing business and we strictly inform every employee to conduct, maintain and improve it to ensure the safety and authenticity of personal information.

2. Handling Personal Information

Regarding the personal information of our printing service business customers, our company has established a management system to protect personal information appropriate to the conditions of our operations and properly handle such information by following our internal regulations.

3. Obtaining Personal Information

Our company clearly defines the purpose of obtaining personal information and uses it within the proper range to achieve our purposes in a lawful and fair manner.

4. Utilization and Provisions of Personal Information

a)Utilization and provisions of personal information are conducted within the scale with the purpose of acquisition that our customers have agreed to.
b)When there is a necessity to use such information outside of the stated purpose, our company will obtain the agreement of the customer, except in cases that such use is permitted under the law.

5. Utilization and Purpose of Personal Information

Our company uses our customers’ personal information for the following purposes .
a) Purpose of utilizing personal information at our company
Our company obtains the personal information required to conduct our business. This information will be used within the range of the stated purpose of usage which is required to conduct our business and our customers will be notified beforehand.
b) Business tasks and the purpose of usage of personal information obtained from our customers.
・Producing and shipping products, and the tasks involved in those duties.
・Responding to customers’ inquiries and questions, and sending out messages from our company.
・Management of memberships and sending out information.
・Projecting statistics specifying no individuals.

6. Outsourcing Personal Information Handling Task

Our company may outsource operations requiring the handling of personal information within the range of the purpose of usage clearly specified to our customers. Matters involved in handling personal information are listed in a written agreement. With that, our company will take the necessary and appropriate measures to monitor the safe management of personal information.

7. Limiting Provision of Information to a Third Party

Unless we are under one or both of the following conditions, our company does not provide personal information to any third party.
・The customer’s agreement is obtained
・The information is required to be provided by law

8. Conducting Safety Measures

To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, our company takes safety measures, including information security measures, in an effort to prevent and correct fraudulent access to, loss of, destruction, falsification and leaking of personal information.

9. Compliance with Laws and Regulations Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

Our company complies with the laws and regulations, ordinances and rules determined by administrative agencies, national guidelines and other orders involved in personal information protection.

10. Continued Improvement of the Personal Information Protection Management System

Through regular internal audits and reviews by representatives in our company, we will continue to improve our “Personal Information Management System.”

11. Disclosure of the Personal Information Protection Policy

Our Personal Information Protection Policy can be found on our website ( ) for those outside of our company. When necessary, it will be published in other media.

12. Customer Service Regarding Personal Information Protection

In the event of a complaint with our company and/or questions regarding this personal information protection policy, please provide a name, address, return e-mail address and the content of the inquiry to the following address by e-mail or regular mail.
(The personal information of the customer who makes an inquiry will be used only for the purpose of responding to the customer)

13. Disclosure, Correction or Withholding of Personal Information

When a customer desires to disclose, correct or withhold their personal information (hereafter, “disclosure, etc.”), please contact the following person in charge.

Mailing address and Inquiry Form to Send a Request of Disclosure, etc.
Customer Service: Shigeru Mitsuoka
Catalogue Jigyo Sogo Kenkyusho K.K.
7th Floor, Mainichi Higashi Bldg., 3-15-16 Nakamichi, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 537-0025 Japan
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Effective as of April 1, 2018.