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* The amulet is a replica of the original talisman, featuring special technologies (high-definition printing with special processing etc.) applied to the data of the original.
* The enshrined talisman is the genuine original.
*The actual finish (color, etc.) may differ from the screen (image).


Omamori (bead chain)/accessory consisting of as many as 108 jewels with divine assistance and answers to prayers from Buddha and One Stroke Dragon
  • Omamori bead chains (Buddhist objects) that have received prayers at Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect (yu-zu-san in Osaka)
  • Beautiful beads (stones) with strong power to answer prayers and in colors reminiscent of the One Stroke Dragon, which has been appreciated as a good luck charm since the Edo period (1603 to 1868), were selected for these Omamori bead chains.
  • The number of beads used for each Omamori (bead chain) is 108, which is regarded as a special number for bead chains.
  • For use as Omamori and a beautiful accessory (bracelet/necklace) consisting of as many as 108 jewels
  • As Omamori to wear daily for safety, protection, and to ward off evil
  • To be enshrined in a wooden case with a drawing of the One Stroke Dragon

The wooden case for the Jewels OMAMORI has also received prayers, so it can also be used as an ofuda (amulet).

Features of the Jewels OMAMORI — Produced (crafted) in Japan
  • The One Stroke Dragon is enshrined in several Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples across Japan. Since the Edo Period more than 300 years ago, the One Stroke Dragon has been believed to connect people, bring continuous development and economic fortune, and bring continuous good matches and growth. Thus, it has been appreciated as a good luck charm that answers prayers and gives divine assistance.
  • This Omamori is an embodiment of the Buddhas enshrined in the Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect, including Housho-Nyorai (principal image of Buddha) and Tanimachi-Fudoson. They help make your wishes come true by answering prayers and providing divine assistance.
  • The pictures of the One Stroke Dragon come in three types (colors) (Gold and Silver Lucky Twin Dragon, Purple and Blue Guardian Twin Dragon, and Marriage Tie Guardian Dragon) and in large and small sizes.
  • Special processing that makes the dragon’s eyes shine, giving it a life-like appearance (Rhinestone)
  • The Jewels OMAMORI has received prayers at the Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect, which is commonly known as “yu-zu-san in Osaka” because it grants (“yu-zu” in Japanese) wishes.
  • The dedicated cases (wooden amulets) include high-resolution pictures of One Stroke Dragons that are printed clearly under the supervision of Keisuke Tejima, a Kyoto One Stroke Dragon artist, by applying plate-making technologies for faithful reproductions that are as close to the original pictures as possible. The Jewels OMAMORI with colors matching the One Stroke Dragon can be enshrined with the case.
  • The bead chains are crafted at a bead chain (Buddhist object) workshop in Osaka, which has been in business for approx. 160 years. Each bead chain is crafted by a skilled artisan making full use of traditional skills. They finish the bead chains in pursuit of sensuousness, including a beautiful appearance, heartwarming atmosphere, and the ability to fit comfortably in a person's hand, and of course functionality as a Buddhist object.
  • Delivered in a luxury kiri (paulownia wood) box with a plane finish and gold seal (gold film)

Delivery method and estimated length of time required before shipping [EMS (Japan post)] 10 days to 20 days
*Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

[Bead chains (Buddhist objects) finished with passionsee] the workshop and crafting process here⇒
  • Produced (crafted) in Japan
  • Each bead and bead chain are crafted by a skilled artisan
  • The cut-resistant rubber strings are versatile and easy to use. Four strings are used for each bead chain, so that the jewels will not scatter if a rubber string should be cut.
  • The surface and also the string hole of each bead are polished carefully.

[108 beads]

It is believed that humans have 108 bonno (defilements of man). Bonno are the defilements of man that bewilder and distress a person and create physical and mental suffering. Joya-no kane (a bell rung at the end of the year) are rung 108 times to drive away the 108 bonno. Reflecting a desire to soothe the mind of the owner as much as possible and help them to live in good health, 108 jewels are used for the bead chain, which is said to have many good meanings and is regarded as a special number for bead chains.

About bead chains⇒

[Jewels (stones) used for Jewels OMAMORI]
*Click the image of each jewel (stone) for information about it.Details of the jewels (stones) ⇒

Gold and Silver Lucky Twin Dragon: Crystal, citrine, onyx, tiger's-eye

Purple and Blue Guardian Twin Dragon: Crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, onyx

Marriage Tie Guardian Dragon: Crystal, white chalcedony or white onyx, red agate, sardonyx (red stripe agate)

*The beads are polished individually, so the stones remain shiny for a relatively long time.
Note) Please understand that the surface of lapis lazuli may change because this stone is relatively low in hardness and vulnerable to acid (sweat and fruit juice).

[Otakiage (Burning) of Jewels OMAMORI]

In principle, not doing Otakiage for this Omamori (not returning it) is not a problem.
It is recommended that you keep and cherish it.
However, if your wish has come true and you desire Otakiage (returning) for the Omamori, please give it a prayer of gratitude and return it using the dedicated envelope that is enclosed with the delivered Omamori. (Please bear the cost of shipping. We appreciate your understanding.)
The returned Omamori will be burned with gratitude in otakiage at the Koyasan Shingon Sect Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple.
*No fees are requested for otakiage 。

[If the bead chain has been cut]

According to an old oral tradition, it is by no means only of bad omen. It is also said that the bead chain (Omamori) has guarded you by cutting off bad luck, bad omen, or bad karma for you, or another cause. However, we have polished both the surface and the string hole of each bead carefully, thus ensuring the best quality maintenance efforts to make the strings as cut-resistant as possible.
However, while we pay careful attention to quality, if the string is cut within one year during normal use (in an normal environment), we will repair it for free if you present the warranty enclosed with the Omamori. Please contact us if this occurs.
Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

*The practices and causes described above are some of many different theories.
The administrative body has selected the above from among the many different theories based on its own research. We appreciate your understanding of differences in meaning, views, or other matters.

Large size Inner circumference
about 26in
Oyadama bead(Φ15/32in)×1 bead
Mukaidama bead(Φ5/16in)×1 bead
Tendama bead(Φ13/64in)×4 bead
Shudama bead(φ15/64in)×108 bead
[Case/ kiri box]
Small size Inner circumference
about 21in
Oyadama bead(Φ25/64in)×1 bead
Mukaidama bead(Φ9/32in)×1 bead
Tendama bead(Φ5/32in)×4 bead
Shudama bead(φ13/64in)×108 bead
material [Jewels]
  • Gold and Silver Lucky Twin Dragon: Crystal, citrine, onyx, tiger's-eye, and operon rubber
  • Purple and Blue Guardian Twin Dragon: Crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, onyx, and operon rubber
  • Marriage Tie Guardian Dragon: Crystal, white chalcedony or white onyx, red agate, sardonyx (red stripe agate), and operon rubber
[Case/ kiri box]
  • Kiri (paulownia wood)

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