We deliver your Omamori (lucky charm) by packing it carefully and attractively.

We deliver your “OMAMORI Banner, Framed OMAMORI, OMAMORI as a hanging scroll and OMAMORI Plaque” by placing it carefully in the dedicated packaging designed with the logo of OMAMORI, the One Stroke Dragons (OMAMORI "Kyoto" Dragon Blessing) and printed with gold ink.

■Delivery as a gift Noshi ceremonial origami (in the form of a strip of paper) and the One Stroke Dragon message card (washi paper) are available for Framed OMAMORI.We also attach them to the gift for free. Please specify the following, and after completing the order, enter your order number and name and send us your request here We welcome your request.

[Noshi ceremonial origami (in the form of a strip of paper)]
● Omotegaki* [Examples] Congratulatory Gift, (Family Celebration Gift, Gift Celebrating Appointment, Gift Celebrating Promotion, Housewarming Gift, Gift Celebrating Opening of a Store, Gift Celebrating Start of New Business, Gift Celebrating Relocation, Gift Celebrating Marriage, Gift Celebrating Childbirth, Gift Celebrating Kanreki, or 60th Birthday *Omotegaki refers to words indicating the purpose of the gift, which are written on the upper part of Noshi ceremonial origami.
● Sender’s name(We can print company name and title as well.)

[One Stroke Dragon message card (washi paper)]
● Recipient’s name(We can print company name and title as well.)
● Sender’s name (We can print company name and title as well.)
● Message *Please note that the above services are unavailable for Take-Along OMAMORI.

■ Delivery method and estimated length of time required before shipping
*Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

・Special Framed OMAMORI:10 days to 20 days
・Framed OMAMORI:10 days to 20 days
・OMAMORI Banner:10 days to 20 days
・OMAMORI Plaque:10 days to 20 days
・Framed OMAMORI [Printing of original logo and name]:15 days to 25 days
・OMAMORI as a hanging scroll:1 month to 1 and a half months
*It takes a while before we can ship your order, because we manually finish each Omamori, one by one.
・Take-along Paper OMAMORI as a Buddhist Amulet:10 days to 20 days
・Replacement ofuda (amulet) :10 days to 20 days

■Delivery schedule
Differs by area. Check the approximate number of days on the page below.
EMS via Japan Postor International ePacket via Japan Post

*Please note that deliveries may be delayed due to the number of orders we have received, road condition, bad weather or similar circumstances.
*If you would like to receive the product by a birthday, anniversary, event, examination, competition or similar, check the delivery schedule and place your order well in advance.