【Return of Omamori (Ofuda) and Otakiage (Burning)】

In Japan, there is a custom of returning Omamori to the temple for Otakiage (burning) when your wish has come true or when one year has elapsed after receiving it.
Return your Omamori Kyoto One Stroke Dragon (Power & Fortune Dragon) by mail, and we will have it burned at the Koyasan Shingon Sect Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple with sincere thanks.
*Please note that you are responsible for the shipping cost.

*If you would like to return your Omamori for Otakiage, please return it using the sticker with the return address that is enclosed with the Omamori when it was delivered.

  • ●Omamori (ofuda) are the alter ego of Buddha.
    If you choose not to return it, please enshrine or keep it in a special place.

    【Return address】
    Kyoto Power& Fortune Dragon Secretariat
    Inside Kowa Product Co., Ltd.
    4-2-38 Nagatanishi, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 577-0016 Japan