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* The amulet is a replica of the original talisman, featuring special technologies (high-definition printing with special processing etc.) applied to the data of the original. * The enshrined talisman is the genuine original. * The enshrined talisman is the genuine original. * The actual shades of color of the amulet may differ from the image.

[Special price in overseas]
~Share OMAMORI (multiple orders) Special Price ~
"OMAMORI" Kyoto One Stroke Dragon (Japanese Buddha and Kyoto One Stroke Dragon) to you who have received the blessings and blessings of the Kyoto One Stroke Dragon. We hope that by presenting and sharing OMAMORI to as many people as possible, we will be able to spread the circle of OMAMORI's relationship throughout the world.
We are sorry to be presumptuous, but we are offering a special price for sharing (multiple orders).
  • 2-5 pieces: 10% discount
  • 6 or more pieces: 20% discount


Types of dragons:
A banner-type Omamori (amulet) featuring the magnificent, dynamic Kyoto One Stroke Dragon in beautiful, vibrant colors, which is combined with an ofuda (amulet). Enshrine it in an important location. 

[Features of this OMAMORI] Made in Japan
  1. The high-resolution pictures are printed clearly under the supervision of Keisuke Tejima, a Kyoto One Stroke Dragon artist, by applying plate-making technologies for faithful reproductions that are as close to the original pictures as possible. 
  2. Enshrine a paper ofuda (amulet) that was officially blessed at Nyoisan Touji-ji Temple of Koyasan Shingon Sect, commonly known as "yu-zu-san."
  3. The paper ofuda is enshrined using a dedicated magnetic sheet that can be removed and repositioned.
    *Two different designs of magnetic sheets are available. Choose one to enshrine the ofuda. The magnet can also be attached to a fridge, desk, cabinet, or similar object.
  4. The banner is made of flameproof suede cloth featuring great colors and a calm texture. (thickness: Approx. 0.35 mm *Equivalent to the thickness of 1.5 postcards)
    *Suede does not refer to leather/synthetic leather, but is the name of the cloth exclusively used to make these amulets (products). The Omamori also comes hanging bars (black poles) for hanging the banner (with end caps for the lower one). 
    *The banner contains eyelets that are hidden on the backside, which allow it to be hung without hanging bars by using a string or stoppers (such as tacks, nails, or screws).
  5. The OMAMORI comes with Edo uchihimo, traditional braids to be used as hanging strings (two black and white braids) that are strong, shred-resistant, and simple.
  6. Special processing that makes the dragon’s eyes shine, giving it a life-like appearance. (Rhinestone)
  7. The OMAMORI comes in an original box.



■Answers to prayers of "OMAMORI" Kyoto One Stroke Dragon

■We also offer Take-along Paper OMAMORI as a Buddhist Amulet so that you can keep with you the One Stroke Dragon drawn in the OMAMORI Banner.

Delivery method and estimated length of time required before shipping [EMS (Japan post)] 10 days to 20 days
*Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

[Returning your OMAMORI] Click here for details on otakiage (burning)

Accessories Hanging bars, end caps, hanging strings (white and black), ofuda (with two magnetic sheets for enshrining)
Approximate frame dimensions
(length × width)
Square (Large) 1m20cm × 1m20cm - Jikusaki 1m26cm
(47.2in × 47.2in - Jikusaki 50in)
Square (Medium) 95cm × 95cm - Jikusaki 101cm
(34.5in × 34.5in - Jikusaki 40in)
Square (Small) 70cm × 70cm - Jikusaki 76cm
(27.5in × 27.5in - Jikusaki 30in)
Rectangle (Large) 1m70cm × 65cm - Jikusaki 71cm
(67in × 25.6in - Jikusaki 28in)
Rectangle (Medium) 1m35cm × 52.5cm - Jikusaki 58.5cm
(53in × 20.7in - Jikusaki 23in)
Rectangle (Small) 1m × 40cm - Jikusaki 46cm
(39.3in × 15.7in - Jikusaki 18in)
Approximate inner case dimensions 
(length × width × thickness)
Square (Large) 1m27cm × 9.5cm × 9.5cm
(50in × 3.7in × 3.7in)
Square (Medium) 1m27cm × 9.5cm × 9.5cm
(50in × 3.7in × 3.7in)
Square (Small) 77cm × 9.5cm × 9.5cm
(30in × 3.7in × 3.7in)
Rectangle (Large) 77cm × 9.5cm × 9.5cm
(30in × 3.7in × 3.7in)
Rectangle (Medium) 77cm × 9.5cm × 9.5cm
(30in × 3.7in × 3.7in)
Rectangle (Small) 47cm × 9.5cm × 9.5cm
(18.5in × 3.7in × 3.7in)
Materials Flameproof double suede Polyester
Edo uchihimo (traditional braids to be used as hanging strings) Nylon original yarn
Hanging bars (black) PVC
End caps (black) ABS
Magnetic sheets Anisotropic magnets + Steel paper

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You're responsible for assuring the OMAMORI can be lawfully imported to the destination country. Please contact your local customs for more information.
Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

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