① Hada ura-uchi (first lining)

Wrinkles of honshi (main work) are smoothed and washi paper is pasted to the back side of the work.

② Kiritsugi (cutting and joining)

Honshi and kireji (cloth) are pasted to each other skillfully. The size of kireji differs according to the part of honshi to which it is pasted, so as to produce a proper balance.

③ Naka ura-uchi (second lining) and sou ura-uchi (third lining)

After kiritsugi, honshi is integrated through a task called naka ura-uchi. This is followed by sou ura-uchi, which is done by using special lining paper.

④ Finish

The hanging scroll is carefully finished by attaching Jikubou, Jikusaki, Hassou (Hangetsu), Huutai, and Kan.